Hospitality and Kitchen

We recruit

We are invested in our commitment and dedication to provide the right person for the right job. We understand that this is crucial to the business growth and competitive advantage of our clients. Using our industry experience, knowledge, and ability to completely understand the client business needs, we will always deliver the best trained and skilled labour and provide an efficient and consistent service.

We invest time to learn about our client’s business and requirements. We have an experienced team committed to providing an excellent and tailor-made service to suit our client’s specific hospitality or kitchen operations requirements.

Client Testimonials

One Aim has intimate knowledge of our business and requirements which enables seamless service and delivering a crew that is trained and exceed all our production requirements.

One Aim takes interest in our business which contributes to our success and growth.

Their personal experience in the business and hands-on approach ensures smooth operations and a fantastic working relationship.

We would recommend One Aim and their team.

Gus Jabbour

Managing Director, Icon Foods

“One Aim is a pivotal part of our team, providing all members of our blue-collar crew in both a full time and casual capacity.  We have worked with One Aim for 5 years since the launch of our business and they have always sourced and provided a team that delivers an excellent standard of work and output with a strong focus on workplace health and safety.

One Aim excels at responding to short term situations, where production may be required last minute to ensure that we have a crew ready to meet our requirements.

The One Aim team definitely contributes to the success and growth of Nepean River Dairy.”

Emaad Jomma

CEO, Nepean River Dairy